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Your electronics problem solver

» Repair of electronic devices

» Repair of electronic controls

» Automotive electronics repair

Automotive electronics

Repair of control units for vehicles: car, motorcycle, commercial vehicle, navy, engine control unit, ABS/ESP, instrument cluster, transmission control, comfort control unit, control panel.

Medical practice equipment

Repair and maintenance of medical equipment from hospitals, medical centers and research facilities.

Business +

Repair and maintenance of industrial electronics, monitors, control boards, actuators and sensors.

Household +

Repair of household electronics, heating control, TV, HiFI, media devices, consoles. Control boards for household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and heaters.
Spare parts
semiconductors, Hifi, Video, TV spare parts.
Electronic and mechanical components for consumer electronics.
Spare parts for kitchen appliances.

Development + expertise

Development and commissioning of interims and individual solutions, retrofitting of equipment as a result of components no longer available.

We provide expert opinions on electronic damage for private individuals, insurance companies and lawyers.

Industrial electronics

Industrial monitors, control systems, medical equipment, development of single applications ...

Repair order industry / medicine
Household electronics

Household electronics, Heating controls, Household electronics, Heating controls, Appliances ...

Repair order home / household

Our service

Repairs according to time value
We are glad to repair! Everything that has been produced can also be repaired, but only a few factors have to be weighed up. It is often desirable to increase the service life of older machines and equipment by installing new parts. The repair can become uneconomical due to high spare parts costs. This is where we see our challenge. We find the error AND the cause! We analyse frequently occurring faults and correct the cause permanently.


Guarantee of success

Our ambition is to solve every problem. For this reason, we give you a working guarantee on our repairs. If we are unsuccessful, you will receive a refund of up to 100% in most cases.


Experience and competence

With more than 25 years of experience in repair, well-trained staff, we offer you a competent service in the field of electronics and mechatronics.

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Sehr freundlich und kompetent! Die Mitarbeiter sind flexibel und absolut vertrauenswürdig.Selbst ziemlich aussichtslose Sachen ( wie zum Beispiel ein Flachbandleiter eines Spiegelglases ), stellen für die Jungs kein Hindernis dar! Danke dafür!


Bin super zufrieden.Preis leistung mehr als fair.Kaum weggeschickt,schon wieder erhalten.Saubere arbeit und vor allem,es funktioniert einwandfrei. jederzeit gern wieder

Matthias Friedrichs

Klasse Service und sehr nette Mitarbeiter

Izzet Salbas
Super Service! Weiter so👍

Burlacu Gabriel


Wittich Andreas

Kompetenz auf hohem Niveau. Freundlich und Fair.

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